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As a business coach I work one-on-one with successful business owners. In most cases the owner is stuck and needs help in a certain area of their business. It might be that sales are flat, revenues are declining, profit margins are too thin, marketing initiatives are ineffective, or they need help in developing a strategic plan or implementing a new initiative such as a performance management system. In other cases the owner may just need general help in taking a step back from working day to day in the business, to be able to work strategically on their business. In either situation I help the business owner focus on opportunities to improve personal and business effectiveness.
A great starting point for most business owners is to work on their personal effectiveness and self awareness in particular. We do this by administering an Extended DISC Personal Assessment. DISC is a well known tool used to evaluate an individual’s behaviour style. DISC theories were developed by early 20th century behavioural scientists. Most behavioural analysis today builds on the work of Carl Gustav Jung, one of the original behavioural scientists. In the 1940’s and 1950’s the DISC theory was refined from Jung’s original theories. The current Extended DISC theory consists of over 160 different behaviour styles that can be mapped based on the results of individual assessments.
The DISC model is a tool for observing and analyzing behaviour. It DOES NOT analyze an individual’s personality, nor does it classify people as good or bad, or measure intelligence. It’s not about knowledge or skills, but simply a summary of the preferred behaviour styles used naturally by an individual. None of the behavioural styles are better or worse.
Using an Extended DISC personal analysis, we can identify an individual’s own behavioural style, as well as learning how to identify the style of others and develop practical action plans to modify our styles appropriately to more effectively manage employees, and motivate and interact successfully with other individuals who have different behavioural styles.
After completing a DISC Assessment an individual will confirm their own behavioural style and be provided with a comprehensive report to facilitate development of an action plan to implement recommendations and be more effective in their personal and business affairs.
A DISC assessment involves taking a short questionnaire online. You will then be provided with a copy of the output in a comprehensive custom report containing 30+ pages of information, recommendations and guidelines to develop your own improvement plan. As an option clients can request a 60 to 90 minute meeting with me to review results in more detail.
To learn more, enquire about pricing and to schedule a DISC Assessment, email me at, or contact me by visiting my website,

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  1. The DISC Assessment is impressive! I’m finding it a very useful tool, especially to recognize the different styles of my (potential) clients and then adjust my behavior to be more appropriate to their style.

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