Have You Considered Using A Business Coach?

iStock_000009939113_Full(SUCCESS)   As a business owner or leader of a growing business you understand the day-to-day pressures that comes with the role. Whether it is dealing with the need for more sales, more effective marketing, strategy development and review, business process improvement, employee performance issues, or challenges with your financial results and risk management issues, it’s difficult to balance all these competing priorities and maintain a reasonable work/life balance.

Consider the option of working with a business coach to help you cope with all these challenges? It’s an opportunity to step back and look at your business strategically, set new goals and priorities and work collaboratively with your coach and your management team to achieve your goals, improve business processes and enjoy the results you deserve.

As an award winning coach I can provide a helping hand, working with you and your team as a resource and part time member of your organization to accelerate your progress. You will have access to a number of my tools, including employee DISC behaviour assessments, business effectiveness evaluations, strategic planning models, risk assessments, and employee performance management processes, to name just a few.

Take the first step and explore the option of  working with a business coach. Contact me now at info@achievebizcoach.com to schedule a no cost, no obligation initial consultation. I can meet with you in person for Calgary area businesses, or online via video conferencing. Find out for yourself if a business coach would be a good addition to the resources you deploy in your business.

All the best on your business journey!



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