Increasing Personal Effectiveness with a DISC Assessment

Extended DISC Image

Each of us has a natural behavioural style that we use when we interact with others. It’s a feature of our personality that stays with us for our entire adult life. And it plays a big role in how we are perceived by others.

Behavioural scientists have researched this topic extensively over many years and established a model we now refer to as DISC. This model groups behaviours into 4 categories. Each of us has a dominant style which falls into one or two of these categories. Understanding our style is one key step to increasing awareness of our strengths and opportunities for improvement, and can help us develop an improvement plan to increase our personal effectiveness. This plan could include learning how to determine the behaviour style of others that we interact with, including peers, employees and customers, so that we can modify and improve the effectiveness of our communications with them.

Consider completing a personal DISC assessment for yourself, and for your team of employees. Contact Achieve Business Coaching at for more information.


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