New Sales Competence Assessment Available Now!

I have been using the Extended DISC behavioural assessment tool with my clients for several years now, to help identify their preferred behaviour style, and to teach how to determine the style of others and use the learnings from the assessment to adjust and improve your communication approach with employees and customers based on their style.

We now have a new tool that can complement a DISC behaviour assessment for sales professionals. The Sales Competence Assessment evaluates an individual’s strengths and opportunities for improvements against the 18 critical competencies for sales success. This is a great tool to develop existing sales and business development employees on your team and to assesss candidates for new hires. When combined with our ‘Sales 18’ behavioural report we can also use the DISC tool results to review behavioural scores against the same 18 sales competencies.

Development of your sales staff can lead to increased sales and improved business results, and will also benefit employee self esteem and job satisfaction. Contact us for more information and to discuss pricing to administer this new assessment with your team. You can reach us at



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